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Goal Success Coaching With Jason Williamson

What is Goal Success Coaching? 

Goal Success Coaching starts with checking your alignment with your core values and discerning your “why” behind your goal. We’ll define what success really looks like and we’ll spend time visualizing that success.
We’ll develop weekly actions and accountability that move you forward as fast as you want to go. We’ll look at your supporting tribe, timelines and schedules, and the role your ego plays in all of this.

Who is Goal Success Coaching for? 

Goal Success Coaching is for people who have a big, exciting goal. Want to start your own business? Change careers? Are you ready to take serious action that will move you forward quickly? Goal Success Coaching is for people who are ready to crush it.
Goals Success Coaching is appropriate for everyone: If you have a big goal or a bunch of smaller goals you want to achieve, this is for you! 

What are the Benefits of Goal Success Coaching? 

Setting big goals and getting all the way through to success can be challenging. Surrounding yourself with the right people on your journey is of utmost importance.
A coach provides a safe space where you can be vulnerable, yet still focused. Developing a clear vision and strategy with a coach provides the solid foundation for you to be super successful!
Everyone has his/her own definition of success in the same way that everyone has unique dreams for their life. But, all success and fulfilled dreams depend on achieving meaningful goals. The bad news is that most people fail to achieve their goals. Some don’t even have any. The good news is that goal attainment is a process, like building a house or baking a cake. Below is the set of plans or recipe that, if followed, will lead you to down the path to your goals and dreams.

Discover the 4-Steps to Goal Success:

Step 1: Know what you really want

Brainstorm all of your goals and dreams for your life, including the ones you usually don’t allow yourself to want. Include areas of your life such as relationships, career, travel, money, health, etc. Narrow down what your goals are in the next year and pick 1 to 4 to focus on.

Step 2: Believe you can achieve it

Remind yourself of your past successes, achieved goals, and overcome challenges. Find the good that has always come out of every situation, even the painful ones.  Use positive affirmation statements to build your confidence. Make sure they are present tense (as if they’re already happening) and positive (focusing on what you want, not last of what you don’t want.)

Step 3: Create a concrete plan for success

Ensure your goals are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Framed. Create a structured plan by brainstorming everything you will need to do between now and when you reach your goal. Then break it down into what you can accomplish in the coming month, and then further into what you will work on this week. Create accountability for yourself through an accountability partner, group, or coach.

Step 4: Stay committed and motivated

Reflect on what activities you can do that get you into a motivated state (such as music, exercise, etc). Reflect on what demotivates you the most, such as disorganization, conflict, negative people, etc.  Overcome procrastination by asking yourself how much pain you will cause yourself if you procrastinate and ultimately don’t achieve your goal. Then consider what pleasure you’ll receive if you stop procrastinating and get powerful moment moving toward your goal

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.“After working with Jason, I was able to clearly articulate a future vision for myself and define my priorities to achieve greater work/life balance, which was having a significant impact on other aspects of my life. With Jason's supportive coaching style, I was able to gain the confidence and made a significant career move that was long overdue. I’m not sure I would have made the transition without Jason's know-how, encouragement, and support. Jason is able to span the personal & professional spectrums so seamlessly, it’s like getting two coaches for the price of one. He's great at understanding the whole person and I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to make changes in their life for greater overall satisfaction.”

Susan Ryder
Sr. HR Manager

“Jason changed my life! He is an amazing life and career coach! I went to him when I was trying to transition from a job to a job in a new field that I was passionate about (Product Manager @ a B2B company to a PM at a B2C company). Switching jobs is not easy, switching jobs to a different field is DEFINITELY NOT EASY. Jason met me where I was and gave me support via meditation techniques, networking techniques and frameworks to make my transition. He is an expert in time and energy management (which is a term He taught me!). I successfully made my transition, I got an offer from my dream company . I ended up turning them down and started my own business instead & I still use techniques that Jason taught me. He is kind, understanding but still kept me very accountable. Thank you Jason!”

Sunny Rusk, San Francisco, CA
Product Manager

"Jason is an exceptional life and Goal success coach. He is a pleasure to work with due to his professional manner, exceptional communication skills and knowledge about such a wide variety of topics. I highly recommend him.”

Neil Shevlin, Houston, Texas
Senior Solutions Consultant

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